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Beyond Embryonic

Christopher Thomas Scott

From the moral treatment of embryos and donor autonomy to the moral imperative to develop treatments that may correct or prevent medical conditions, stem cell research and development include topics ripe for scholarly discussion and debate. By exploring these issues both scientifically and ethically in a public forum, participants gained a deeper understanding of new technologies and their larger societal impact.

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Giving and Getting “The Best Care Possible” Through the End of Life

Dr. Ira Byock

Everybody wants “the best care possible” for their loved ones and themselves through the very end of life. Of course, this phrase means different things to different people. In addition to being consistent with professional standards, we strive to provide care that reflects the personal preferences of the seriously ill or injured people and their families. This requires access to a broad array of services and coordination between providers, patients and their loved ones. This presentation will explore the elements that must be in place – within health systems and within communities – and the key stakeholders who must regularly communicate and interact if we are to reliably provide “the best care possible.”

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