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Frost Lecture in Medical Ethics: The Worth of a Child

Thomas H. Murray

As science gives us increasing power over whether and when to become parents, it becomes ever more vital to reflect on what it means to become a parent, to love and raise a child who will become a strong, confident, independent adult. Since the publication of The Worth of a Child, science has given us yet more ways of inquiring into our child’s talents and dispositions, and more means of shaping them through drugs, surgeries and other technologies. Our ability to make wise choices about these technologies will be aided by a thoughtful understanding of the ethical nature of the relationship between parents and children, and what that relationship means for the flourishing of both children and parents.

What do reproductive technologies, research on children, and the history of adoption tell us about this most important human relationship? What can a responsible society do to help create a strong social environment, including a health care system that fosters healthy families and justice for children and parents? Insights about the relationship between parents and children can enrich bioethics; insights from bioethics can enhance our understanding of that relationship, and what it demands from us.

Video of the March 30 presentation is available here.

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