Conversations About Ethics

The Promotor Model: the ethical imperative to include patients in improving individual and community health

America Bracho, MD, MPH

In this presentation leading public health expert, America Bracho, will discuss the elements of this model and how it offers mechanisms for individual inclusion and community participation in respectful ways that honor their right to self-determination, justice, tangible benefits, and to contribute to solutions to the problems that have an impact on their health and wellness.

Dr. Bracho will share how promotoras are trained to deliver quality services to assure benefits to the community and to be  aware of their boundaries not only with other health care providers but also in the interactions with the individuals they are helping.

In addition, this presentation will address how to include and interact with promotoras and community in the health team in ways that contribute to improving the connection with participants, increases cultural competency, increases health literacy, improves health outcomes, addresses root causes of disease and despair and makes the strategy relevant, all within principles of inclusion/participation, equity, benefit/quality, solidarity and social justice..

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe how the promotor model addresses the respectful inclusion of individuals and communities to improve their health with an equity lens and aligned with the ethical principles of inclusion and self-determination.

  2. Discuss the training and supervision practices that  assure that the inclusion of promotores in the team will translate into quality and tangible health benefits to individuals and communities.

  3. Discuss how to include promotores and communities in our institutions in ways that assure that their voices can be heard, their wisdom included and their time compensated in ways that are aligned with ethical principles of respect and justice.

Our Speaker

Leading Public Health expert, America Bracho, MD, MPH, is the Executive Director of Latino Health Access, a center for health promotion and disease prevention located in Santa Ana, California. This Center was created under her leadership to assist with the multiple health needs of Latinos in Orange County.

Latino Health Access facilitates mechanisms of empowerment for the Latino community and uses participatory approaches to community health education. The programs train community health workers as leaders of wellness and change. Ms. Bracho worked as a physician in her native Venezuela for several years, after which she came to the U.S. to obtain a Master’s Degree in Public Health at the University of Michigan. Her Public Health specialty is Health Education and Health Behavior.

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Resource List

This resource list brings together websites, videos, audio recordings, books, and articles to supplement the workshop and lecture.

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Dipping Your Toe (Introductory Information)

Wading Waist High (Intermediate Resources)

Taking a Deep Dive (Advanced Materials)

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